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The Inner Wheel Club Herzogtum Lauenburg is a member of the international contact pool.

We are happy to support you if you like to visit our beautiful region called Herzogtum Lauenburg.

Please feel free to contact us! We look forward to meeting you.

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Introduction Herzogtum Lauenburg

Just outside of Hamburg lays a beautiful area: A region with several lakes and large magical forests.

On the southern border flows the majestic Elbe River. Towards the North the area extends along the river Wakenitz to the city limits of Lübeck. The Elbe-Lübeck channel cuts through the middle, with a long-distance bike path “Alte Salzstraße” along it.

Source: Google Maps

Beautiful villages and historic towns, like ,for example, Aumühle, Geesthacht, Lauenburg, Mölln and Ratzeburg, are recounting their century old stories. They invite you to a road trip, along country roads framed by trees, passing beautiful manors and romantic churches. Really close to Hamburg – but very different.

Travel informaton

Hotel Seehof, Ratzeburg
Farchauer Mühle, Schmilau
Fürst Bismarckmühle, Aumühle
Waldesruh am See, Aumühle
Bellevue, Lauenburg
Forsthaus Friedrichsruh
Points of Interest
Garten of the Butterflies Friedrichsruh
Bismarckmuseum & Mausoleum Friedrichsruh
The Sachsenwald – with approx. 70 square kilometers the largest connected forest in Schleswig-Holsteins
Ratzeburger Dom
Ernst Barlach Museum, Ratzeburg
A. Paul Weber Museum, Ratzeburg
Alte Salzstrasse – bike path along a historic trade route
Krügersches Haus, Geesthacht
Elbe Shipping museum Lauenburg
Unterstadt Lauenburg
Künstlerhaus Lauenburg
Grenzhus Museum
Forsthaus Friedrichsruh
Fürst Bismarckmühle, Aumühle
Waldesruh am See, Aumühle
Ristorante am Riesenbett, Dassendorf
Selevkos Greek Restaurant, Dassendorf
Namaste India, Geesthacht
Elbkantinchen, Geesthacht
Farchauer Mühle, Schmilau
Elbterrassen, Lauenburg
Café Von Herzen, Lauenburg
Fischerstube Ratzeburg
Not to miss out
Boat journey on the Ratzeburger lake,  river bank of the Elbe between Geesthacht and Lauenburg, Gut Basthorst, climbing park Schnurstracks in Aumühle, steam ship Kaiser Wilhelm


Hamburg Airport
Lübeck Airport
Hamburg Central Station
Lübeck Central Station

Tourist Information

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